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Property Management

In our person you can find a reliable partner in the management of your properties. We will take care of your property as our own. We will manage the communication between you and the tenant, monitor the monthly payments and the implementation of the agreements between you, as well as all payments related to the operation of the property.
Clearance of documents
Our lawyer will take care of the legal part of the transaction process. You can also rely on us for assistance in obtaining the necessary documents related to your property.
The next step in the process is to negotiate the best possible terms for you by protecting your interests.
Conclusion of a transaction
Personalized attention to the client ensures our support until the finalization of each transaction, going through every stage of it together!

Our Process

One of our consultants will meet with you to advise you.
He will suggest the best solution for your property, as well as a sale plan for you to follow together.
Will give you feedback from the market and advise you on the price of your property.
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